TAIKIP is a new social platform for creator and fans. It is platform creators who like to share themselves can share everything with their fans and show themselves, making money and interacting with more fans. Be a great social circle.

Give creator a stage, let creator shine and make more changes in the world.

TAIKIP Shoot Your Video!! Show you Show me!!

Your Best Creative Stage.

You can interact with your fans. Your clips can be set free, paid for a single. The TAIKIP becomes the best stage for you to interactive with your fans.

You can show the video by yourself. How you want to express yourself is up to you

TAIKIP Function

  • Purchase single clip Function – sell your clip, earn your money

  • Complete charge record Function – support a variety of charges.

  • Fans interaction Function – fans are your best friends, Interact with fans.

Who should use TAIKIP

  • Clip creator who like your himself

  • Teacher who likes teaching through video or clip.

  • Brand want to communicate with customer through clip.

  • Others and any kind of video creators

  • Wants more exposure Professional creators.

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