and become a Creator
Realize your dream and achieve your high-paying career
Ideas rejected by other platforms, inexplicable yellow labels, have a chance to be seen here
How much does
TAIKIPCreator earn
Ways to get income
You can get diamonds by uploading audio. The more you work hard, the more diamonds you can get, and the income is unlimited!
Each creator is different So the fans you attract will be different Income will also be different.
Through the background, we can see the transparent report, and keep track of your income and the number of fans at any time.
You have to make money through TAIKIP
Take various videos
Work time are up to you
How can I run my own
TAIKIP channel?
You can run your own channel by uploading your videos
Show your unique style
Earn money easily by sharing your videos
The charging method is set by the Creator itself
How many diamonds to collect and what content to provide is up to you
Can TAIKIP Creator take
any type of video?
Scale and Faceless fully respect the Creator's wishes.
The content you provide allows fans to pay to unlock and successfully obtain rewards.
You can go through a variety of video content, whether it's light-hearted sketches, daily life.
Planning to perform sexy without showing your face, or sexy with a little dew.
Of course, there is a large-scale content management, as long as it meets our film specifications, no matter what scale, you can successfully cultivate your fans.
How to apply to be a creator
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